Stone Therapy

Stone Therapy – Beyond Hot Stone Massage

Stone therapy has existed across many different cultures around the world over thousands of years.  Used not only for their hot and cold properties in massage but also for their energy.

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

Stone therapy can either use just hot stones or can also incorporate the use of cold stones.

Hot Stones

Basalt stones tend to be used for hot stone therapy as they not only good at storing and retaining heat but they also work on the ‘energy’ level as well as the ‘physical’ level.  Different sizes of stone are used depending on the area of the body being massaged.

The heat from the stones works deeply on muscles and can be incorporated into all types of massage, for example, Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Cold Stones

Marble stones are cool to the touch and when chilled tend to be used for cold stone therapy.  Cold stones are only used for short periods of time, sometimes alternating with hot stones, to refresh and invigorate the body.

Stone Therapy – where deep relaxation meets therapeutic massage

Hot Stone Massage

Everything you would expect from therapeutic massage; swedish strokes, deep tissue, trigger point can be applied with stone therapy.  The heat adds another level of depth and relaxation.

Stone Therapy is useful in the treatment of both chronic pain conditions and on acute injuries.  There are some conditions where Stone Therapy should not be used so please check on booking.