ScarWork Therapy

ScarWork™ Therapy knee, arm and chest scars

What is ScarWork™ Therapy?

ScarWork™ is a gentle therapy for treating scars. Using a soft touch treatment gently progresses through the layers of tissue from the upper levels of the skin deep into the fascia establishing a 3D quality.

How does ScarWork™ Help?

ScarWork Therapy impact of scar on body using t shirt as an example

Even the smallest of scars can have an impact beyond the site of the scar and across the body.

ScarWork™ improves the scar and lessens the impact of the scar on the rest of the body.

The goals of receiving ScarWork™ treatment may include:

  • Release tight scar tissue
  • Help restricted mobility
  • Reduce sensitivity and pain
  • Improve the look and feel of the scar

What types of scars can you help?

ScarWork™ helps all kinds of scars from accidents and operations including burns.

New scars should be at least 10 weeks post-operation and you should be out of consultant care before treatment. It is important that scars are healed and infection free.

Scars that are old can also benefit from ScarWork™.

What happens in our session?

An initial consultation lasts an hour and we run through your medical history, any symptoms you have as a result of your scar, and your goals for treatment. At the end of your treatment we will discuss and agree a treatment plan and appropriate aftercare to help recovery.

Short amounts of time initially will be spent working on the scar with remedial massage therapy and bodywork used in the rest of the session to help re-integrate with the rest of the body and relieve the knock-on effect of tightness from the scar.

Treatment is always given within your comfort levels.

The number of treatments needed will vary depending on your condition, the nature of your scar and what you want to achieve. Many clients find that between 4-8 treatments make the improvements your are seeking from ScarWork™. Each session will usually bring incremental improvements in the scar and surrounding area.