What to expect


Treatment sessions tend to last one hour, however this may vary depending on you.

As everyone is unique and every day is different, each treatment will start with some time at the beginning to check in with how you are and to agree which areas you would like me to focus on.

Sessions take place using a massage couch with a choice of oils, gels or waxes. Alternatively, you can choose to receive seated massage through clothes without oil.

If this is your first visit or you haven’t seen me for a while we will spend a little bit of time at the beginning to run through some medical history so that I know whether there are any areas that need to be avoided or treated carefully.  Your privacy is very important to me and all information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

If you have a specific problem I will also do a body assessment to look for the areas affected and the potential causes.

During the massage I check in with you for feedback so that you receive the massage you want, for example lighter pressure, deeper pressure, less here , more there…There may be more interaction with specific problem areas and less interaction when massaging for relaxation.

After your massage always remember to keep hydrated and quite often, especially when treating specific problems, I will suggest some stretches and exercises to help the good work of the massage continue after the session.