On-site Massage

On-site Massage for businesses, events and festivals

Are you a business who would like to provide time out for employees, an event organiser who would like to provide massage for attendees, or perhaps a Bed and Breakfast who would like to offer lovely relaxing massage to guests.

I can come to you so contact me for further information and pricing.

Massage in Business

Businessman sitting on massage chair, getting back massage.

Massage can be used as part of your programme for promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.  This can either be as a one-off treat for your staff or as a regular occurrence as part of your Occupational Health Scheme.

To minimise disruption, massage is provided to clients through their clothing using either a specially designed ergonomic massage chair or for those who may have trouble with movement using a comfortable folding chair.

15-20 minute slots make it easy to fit into breaks or lunchtimes and can either be paid for by the individual or in part or whole by the business.

Massage at Events and Festivals

athletes relaxation massage before sport event, marathon muscles massage

Whether you are holding a charity run, a music festival or other event, massage is a great way of saying thank you to people for taking part and to those that organise and support.

We come ready for massage, whether that’s couch or chair-based providing massage in 15-20 sessions.

Take a break, have a Massage

massierende hände 7Offering massage is a great way to set your business apart from others and many people love to start their break with the luxury of a lovely relaxing massage.

Depending on the space available we can offer either couch-based or chair-based massage including Indian Head Massage.  We add to the luxury of the occasion by only using the best massage oils or waxes and create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere for clients.

Massage sessions usually last one hour but can be extended for couch-based massage to one and a half hours on request.