Tennis Ball Massage

Tennis Ball Massage

The ultimate gadget

The humble tennis ball, enjoyed by dogs and people the world over. But did you know that there is another use for this versatile item?

Tennis balls are just the right size to use for massaging those areas you just cannot reach and massage yourself – around and between the shoulder blades, across the lower back or the buttocks and even on those poor, tired calf muscles. Want a foot massage – oh yeah!

So easy to use and very effective for relaxing and softening those tight muscles, they can be used leaning against a wall with the ball between you and the wall or for more pressure lying on the floor. You can even vary how deep you massage with the type of floor you lie on – nice soft carpet or hard concrete will affect how deep the tennis ball works with your muscles.

And for that extra bit of control, use an old sock and pop the tennis ball in there.

To all those tennis ball loving dogs out there who have had their beloved tennis ball taken for massage … sorry!